Suneon Roman Tile Roof Mounting System

Suneon Tile Roof Mounting System

Installation Site: Tile Roof

Tilt of bracket: Parallel to Roof

Applicable Module: Crystalline silicon/thin film

Snow Pressure: 153kg / m²

Wind Pressure: 40 m/s

Material: AL6005-T5

Coating: Anodized Silver≥12μm

Warranty: 12 years

Lifetime: 25 years



Tile Roof Mounting system, accommadating a wide range of modules framed or frameless, is suitable for most types of roof with different roof hooks. With innovative Suneon rail and end/mid clamps, Suneon tile roof mounting enables significantly fastner and easier installation.






\ \ \ \ \

End Clamp

Mid Clamp


Roof Hook

Rail  Splice


1. High quality Aluminium 6005-T5 and SUS 304.
2. Lightweight and corrosion resistant.
3. Screws and nuts go with every components needed.
4. High stability and working time 25 years.