Angle Chi Color Steel Tile Solar Clamp(SN-RC-03)

Angle Chi Color Steel Tile Solar Clamp

Product Code: SN-RC-03

Installation Site: Angle chi color steel tile
Coating: Anodized
Material: AL 6005-T5
Unit: Set
Included: Clamp/Screws/Nut M8/Spring Washer M8.4/Hexagon Socket Button Head Bolts M8*25
Packing: 500 Sets Per Carton
Warranty: 12 Years
MOQ: 500 PCS


SUNEON Solar Angle Chi Color Steel Tile Solar Clamp (SN-RC-03)  is for angle chi color steel sheet metal rooftop. Clamps are available for different types of angle chi color steel tile. Suneon mounting rails are used in this situation. This is also the angle chi clamp and module mounting rail, and can be used for angle chi sheet metal rooftops. 

Solar Clamps For Metal Sheet Rooftop






\ \ \ \ \

End Clamps

Middle Clamps



Rail Splice



Easier to install.
Pre-assembly T-nut can be fixed into rail from any position at any time.
More Flexible and Suitability.
Suitable for most panels and roof types.
Good Compatibility.
Designed as a universal racking system, framed modules from most manufacturers can be used.
Higher Reliability and Safety.  
Quality aluminum 6005-T5 and Stainless Steel SUS 304, 10 years quality warranty and 25 years life time.

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