Suneon Solar Mounting System Clamp(SN-RC-09)


                Standing Seam Color Steel Tile Solar Clamp

                       Product Code: SN-RC-09
                       Installation Site: Standing Seam color steel tile
                       Coating: Anodized
                       Material: AL 6005-T5
                      Unit: Set
                      Included: Clamp/Screws/Nut M8/Spring Washer M8.4/Hexagon Socket                                    Button/Head Bolts M8*25
                      Packing: 500 Sets Per Carton
                      Warranty: 12 Years
                      MOQ: 500 PCS

Solar Standing Seam Color Steel Tile Solar Clamp (SN-RC-09)  is for standing seam color steel sheet metal rooftop. Standing Seam roof clamps are simply attached to the standing seams. The clamps offer a secure fastening without penetrating the roof sheets, ensuring maximum stability with minimum weight.  

Solar Clamps For Metal Sheet Rooftop






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End Clamps

Middle Clamps



Rail Splice



Easier to install.
Pre-assembly T-nut can be fixed into rail from any position at any time.
More Flexible and Suitability.
Suitable for most panels and roof types.
Good Compatibility.
Designed as a universal racking system, framed modules from most manufacturers can be used.
Higher Reliability and Safety.  
Quality aluminum 6005-T5 and Stainless Steel SUS 304, 10 years quality warranty and 25 years life time.

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