Suneon L Feet For Trapezoidal Sheet Metal Roof(RS-LF)

               Suneon L Feet Kit for Trapezoidal Sheet Metal Roof

                      Product Code:

                      Installation Site: Standing Seam color steel tile
                      Coating: Anodized
                      Material: AL 6005-T5
                      Unit: Set
                     Included: L feet, Clamp/Screws/Nut M8/Spring Washer M8.4/Hexagon Socket                                         Button/Head Bolts M8*25
                      Packing: 500 Sets Per Carton
                      Warranty: 12 Years
                      MOQ: 500 PCS


SUNEON L Feet has been widely used on universal corrugated and trapezoid metal sheet roof. Our L Feet are all in one waterproof bracket to mount & anchor solar railings. Especially made for trapezoidal sheet metal roof and made from high grade aluminium 6005-T5 and stainless steel hardware.  

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Solar Clamps For Metal Sheet Rooftop




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L-feet Kit


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 Anodized aluminum 6005-T5 for rails, clamps, L hooks, Stainless steel 304 for bolts.
 High flexibility for all module types.
 Modular structure suitable for any system size.