Trapezoidal Sheet Metal Support Base Solar Bracket(RS-TM)

               Solar Trapezoidal Sheet Metal Rooftop Bracket

                     Product Code:SN-RC-11

                     Installation Site: Trapezoidal metal sheet
                     Coating: Anodized
                     Material: AL 6005-T5
                     Unit: Set
                     Packing: 500 Sets Per Carton
                     Warranty: 12 Years
                      MOQ: 500 PCS


SUNEON Trapezoidal sheet metal support base has been widely used on universal corrugated and trapezoid metal sheet roof. Our trapezoidal sheet metal solar bracket are all in one waterproof bracket to mount & anchor solar rails. Especially made for trapezoidal sheet metal roof and made from high grade aluminium 6005-T5 and stainless steel hardware.  

Solar Clamps For Metal Sheet Rooftop






\ \ \ \ \

End Clamps

Middle Clamps

Trapezoidal Clamp


Rail Splice



 Anodized aluminum 6005-T5 for rails, clamps, L hooks, Stainless steel 304 for bolts.
 High flexibility for all module types.
 Modular structure suitable for any system size.