2018-05-07 11:03:08

Malaysia will meet 2050 target of 50% renewable energy

Malaysia will meet 2050 target of 50% renewable energy

Malaysia is well on its way to reaching the 50 per cent Renewable Energy (RE) target by 2050, with current levels at 21.67 per cent (7,271Mw).

Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Johnity Ongkili said, while current efforts include hydro power, solar energy, biomass and biogas, the ministry was also looking into tapping wind, geothermal and wave power potential.

Citing the example in Sabah, however, he said no party has yet come forward to propose any wave power project, despite studies claiming Menumbok and Labuan water currents were sufficiently strong for such an initiative.

“We believe water currents between Banggi island and Kudat are also sufficient to push for wave energy, but nobody has come forward with a proposal to harness waves yet, so we probably need to push (this agenda),” he said at a Sustainable Energy Convention here.

On wind energy potential, Ongkili said this was only possible in northern Sabah, with the ministry and energy authorities eyeing Kudat for such a project.

He said one of the challenges was to ensure RE projects, which are normally run by private companies, are attractive enough cost-wise.

On Large Scale Solar (LSS) initiatives, where the open-bidding process is being done for projects of between 1Mw and 50Mw, he said so far 18 companies have been identified as potential operators.

In Sabah, the first round of bidding (LSS1) included four companies involving 66.9Mw while the second round (LSS2) comprised of 11 companies involving 55.6Mw.