Iranian Solar PV market Booming

Iranian Solar PV market Booming

“Development of renewable energy in developing countries such as Iran with the economy consisted in oil is very formidable and inexplicable. It strongly requires the cooperation of all national and international players in this regard. Following the sanctions relief coming into effect and Iran re-entering the international trade and financial markets now is the time to coordinate your strategy for this evolving renewables market”, Mojtaba Natequi, International Key Account Manager of Iran Renewable Energy Association (IrREA) says.

High-ranking government officials are attending
In this regard IrREA is intended to hold an international commercial conference on renewable energy in Iran with the participation of reputable international and internal companies, investors and high-ranking government officials of Iran in late October 2017.

IranREC 2017 will be supported by important organizations such as International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Ministry of Energy (Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization of Iran), Presidential deputy for science and technology, Organization for investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran, Department of Environment, Ministry of agriculture jihad, Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade.

The conference aims to provide in-depth analysis of the prospects in the Iranian renewables space and highlight best practice in project development and financing. Over 500 attendees and 50 speakers are expected. Venue is the IRIB International Conference Center in Tehran.

5 GW renewable energy capacity within the next five years
The renewable energy generation capacity in the country is predicted to reach 5 GW within the next five years, under Iran`s sixth Five-Year Development Plan. To increase incentives for investing in renewable energy, the government has adopted new laws of feed-in tariffs and 20 years guaranteed period for power purchase. Up to 30 percent increase in FIT is offered for using domestic components.
90 percent of the country has more than 300 sunny days per year. The average daily solar radiation is 520 watts per hour per square meter. Companies like KPV, Fronius and Kioto Solar are bunking already on solar projecs in Iran with high installation quality, as pv Europe could see at a recent field trip.

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