Aluminum End Clamp Kit for Framed Solar Panel Mounting

  • Material : AL 6005-T5
  • Coating: Anodized ≥10μ

Product Description

The clamp system consists of end clamp to attach the module frame to the support rail. This fully integrated clamping system actually changes the structural properties of the aluminum rails making it significantly stronger. This design allows solar modules to be installed at a lower profile to the roof, providing a more aesthetically pleasing installation.


  • 1. Roof slope range 10º to 65 º
  • 2. Optional tilt legs for greater solar efficiency
  • 3. Corrosion resistant, providing low maintenance and extended product life cycle
  • 4. Can be used to secure a vast array of solar panel thicknesses
  • 5. Easy to install with adjustable locking devices
  • 6. Installation site: residential, commercial, remote area and marine applications.

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