Aluminum Ground Mount Solar Panel Support Structure

  • Installation Site: Open ground
  • Tilt of bracket: According to research report
  • Applicable Module: Crystalline silicon/thin film
  • Snow Pressure: 153kg / m²
  • Wind Pressure: 180 km / h
  • Material: AL6005-T5
  • Coating: Anodized Silver≥12μm
  • Warranty: 12 years
  • Lifetime: 25 years

Product Description

SUNEON Concrete Ground Solar Panel Support Frame is especially suitable for the rocky areas (usually rock content is more than 70%), and suitable for landfill areas or flat roof. The concrete pile ground mount system ensures its stability with suitable cement pier.

Concrete Solar Aluminum Mounting

Component Parts

Middle Clamps
Rail Splice
Cross-Rail Connector
Rear Rod


  • 1. Simple installation It is easy to install aluminum ground mounting system because of simple structure. Additionally, some parts have been installed at the factory, which save time and cost.
  • 2. The mounting system supports aluminum and stainless steel which can resist corrosion well. From the aspect of corrosion resistance, they are two or three times higher than ordinary steel. Thus it is suitable for coastal area.
  • 3. Beautiful structure and light weight Surface treatment adopts silver anodizing, which ensures the beautiful structure. Besides, aluminum ground mounting system adopts aluminum material, AL6005-T5.
  • 4. Suneon's aluminum ground mounting system can work together with different modules. Briquetting height and aluminum rail length can be freely adjusted according to size of modules.
  • 5. High stability and working time 25 years Main parts of aluminum ground mounting system have been tested under extreme condition and it can endure pressure from wind and snow. It can be used in extreme weather.

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