PV Floating Solar Mounting System Becoming More And More Popular

SUNEON Floating Solar Mounting System
Floating solar panels utilize the same technology as the panels that you put on your roof. The main difference is that they’ve been adapted to fit onto floating platforms, which are designed to be placed on lakes and quarries. While the technology still hasn’t evolved the point where it can be used on the open ocean, we cannot say what will happen in the future. For now though, floating solar panels are a great new technology that’s promising to change the way we look at renewable energy.

Floating solar, commonly known as “floatovoltaics,” typically involves installing solar panels on pontoons that rest on the surface of a water body.

Also known as Pontoon, the floating structure is a sturdy structure which easily holds the solar panel. It also has enough buoyancy to stay afloat on water while supporting the heavy load.

Benefits of Floatovoltaics

1.Floatovoltaics is a novel cleantech design engineered for water bodies, thus saving land for farming and other uses.
2.It could be an effective instrument where drought conditions wreak havoc on ecosystems, as it aids in water conservation by reducing losses through evaporation.
3.The technology presents no danger or risk to surrounding habitats or wildlife when implemented.
4.Furthermore, the solar panels operate more efficiently and produce more energy due to the natural cooling effect of the water.
5.Shielding water bodies from the sun also minimizes the growth of organic matter like algae.
6.Acts as corollary power supply when installed on a dam used for hydropower.

The floats and other mounting components unique to water-based solar are slightly more expensive, but that difference will evaporate as more projects are built. And as solar has proliferated in some areas, it has become harder to find available land for new installations. Japan has been a frontrunner in floatovoltaics, given its plentiful water resources compared to limited land reserves. Ciel et Terre has designed and implemented over 40 MW of floating solar power across 20 plants in Japan, including the world’s largest floating PV project under construction on the Yamakura Dam, with 50,904 floating solar panels.

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