SUNEON Hanger Bolts L Feet

SUNEON Hanger Bolts Feet

Used in conjunction with L-feet, 8-inch hanger bolts support solar rails above tile or corrugated metal roofs. A driver allows easy insertion into 3/16-inch pilot holes in the rafters. Pre-assembled. Not damage on the roof, not drill new hole on the steel roof, use original hole to install the hangerbolt. Look good and very strong. Handy for installation.

1. L feet. 80*36.5*6mm

2. Hanger bolts. M10*200mm

3. T-nuts bolts. M8*25 bolts

Attach L-Feet to all roof mounts, with the base of the L-Foot facing up the roof. Do not tighten the L-Feet yet to the roof mounts. Follow the installation instructions for the type of roof mount being installed, paying particular attention to the integrity of the water seal between the roof and the roof mount.Certified modules are designed to be mounted with certified L-Feet since there are matching friction ridges in the L-Feet and modules.



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